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Our Minister: Rev Billy Slatter

A bit about myself -

I became a Christian at the age of 16 following a dramatic conversion experience. I have been a Methodist Minister since 1991 and lived in J ersey for the last eight years.

Theologically, I am broadly evangelical with a large dose of footballism and a bit of humour. I like to encourage people to enjoy their faith, particularly through quality worship that is relaxed, informal and inspires confidence in God.

I often think that I am not holy enough to be a Minister as I am a practical, down-to-earth and hands-on person with a massive interest in football, followed by travel, DIY, computers, gadgets and anything with a button to press. I consider myself to be an ordinary person who happens to believe in an extra-ordinary God.

Did I mention Football? Everton is my team and references to them will pepper many sermons and conversations.

As for the churchÖ it can be a great vehicle for doing Godís work when it discovers Godís vision for it and people work together to fulfil it. I see my ministry as supporting and encouraging Christians to grow in faith and commitment and helping those who have yet to find faith to get a glimpse of the incredible love of God.